1 out of 15 Children need prescription glasses by the age of 6.

10 kids out of 400 of these Children who need prescription glasses come from families who cannot afford glasses or eye exams.

So almost 2 kids out of every 1000 need your assistance.

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Please Help A Child's Eyesight


A $90 donation will provide an eye exam and pair of glasses for a child.

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The I Care USA Foundation provides a standard eye exam and glasses to underprivileged school-age children, “at risk” families, and needy senior citizens in Colorado.


If you are interested in applying for assistance please first carefully review exactly what our Foundation does and does not do lower on this page.   

If, after reviewing the list below, you think you or your child or someone you know would be a candidate for our assistance please fill out our application and we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. 

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What We Do........

  1. We do provide an eye exam and glasses to selected recipients that live in the City & County of Denver.
  2. We do provide our eye care once and it is intended to give you a helping hand up, improve your life/self-esteem and increase your independence in the community.
  3. We do accept referrals from established non-profit partners.
  4. We do accept children referred by The Colorado Lions KidSight Screening program.


What We Do NOT Do.........

  1. We do not select recipients because they lack insurance, temporary loss of income or annual need.
  2. We do not provide funding for medical and surgical procedures.
  3. We do not fit or provide contact lenses.
  4. We do not provide funding for eye care or glasses by Optical Professionals outside of our Sight program.
  5. We do not select recipients using race, religion (creed), color, national origin (ancestry), age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, or military status.



Applicants must be legal resident of Colorado.

If the applicant does not speak English a translator must be provided at the expense of the applicant.

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